New Patients

First time patients

Your appointment time has the expectation of the need to fill out paperwork incorporated into your time slot; there is no need to arrive early for paperwork.  If you would like to fill out most of the paperwork in advance, you may (see the next section).  Additionally, Green Dragon has extensive appointment availability.  This can be a long day for Kimberly and Nhan.  When there are gaps in the schedule, we often will run errands, or take a break away from the clinic.  Should you arrive at your appointment time more than 10 minutes early, the clinic door may be locked.  Do not assume that this means your appointment has been missed or forgotten.

An initial consultation will begin with the completion of medical forms.  Some of these forms may be downloaded, printed, and filled out prior to your arrival at the clinic.  (Note: We have no expectation that a new patient arrive early to fill out paperwork.  Your appointment is scheduled in such a way as to incorporate that time.)


Following the completion of forms will be the consultation and evaluation.  This may include questioning, palpating areas of the body, looking at the patient’s tongue, taking the pulse and other observations that will assist in formulating a Chinese medical diagnosis.  Once a diagnosis has been made, a treatment plan will be derived, and typically your first acupuncture treatment will be provided at that appointment time.

A treatment plan may consist of one or more of the following:  acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese food therapy, Tuina (Chinese medical bodywork), cupping (adhering glass cups to parts of the body, usually over acupoints or trouble spots), moxibustion (the burning of a therapeutic herb over an acupoint), or other modalities that fall under the scope of Traditional Chinese medicine.

Every individual responds differently to treatment, thus the number of treatments varies. On average a patient should plan to receive 3 acupuncture treatments in order for Kimberly or Nhan to properly fine tune a treatment strategy. Most conditions do not occur 'over-night', thus their resolution will require some time.  Proper attention to treatment will help reach the goals of relief, correction, and/or maintenance of a health problem.


The initial consultation, evaluation and first acupuncture treatment will take approximately one hour and 15 minutes and the fee is $120.  Follow up treatments generally take 35-45 minutes and are $75.

Herbal formulas will cost extra and will vary depending on formulation and dosage.

There are no additional fees for cupping, tuina, moxabustion or dietary counseling.

Payment is due at the time of visit. Check, cash, Visa/MC are accepted forms of payment.  HSA and FSA benefit cards are also accepted.  We do have pre-payment packages consisting of 6 treatments or 12 treatments which are discounted, thus providing aid for patients paying our of pocket.  Other discounts available: senior (over 65), and our military/veterans/law enforcement discount.

Insurance considerations

At this time, very few plans fully cover acupuncture.  It is important that patients contact their insurance to determine coverage. When you speak with your insurance representative, be sure to get specific details of coverage.  Some insurance plans have coverage with very specific limitations (what conditions are covered, payment only after a deductible is paid, payment only with certain referral, payment only to certain practitioners)

Currently, Kimberly Fritz and Green Dragon are in network for Health Partners. Also, the complementary care package associated with some BCBS plans (this is a discount program, NOT insurance coverage).

'In network' does not guarantee coverage.

Green Dragon Acupuncture does accept workman’s compensation and auto accidents.  You must provide all contact information; claim number and date of loss and the claim must still be open.

Copays are due on date of service.

Use of the online appointment system

Simply click on any of the 'Book Now' buttons.  This will pull up a calendar, select a day, and the available time slots will be presented.  If you've never been seen at Green Dragon, please select New Patient, all other patients use the Follow Up-it does not matter if it is a new condition, or it has been a while since your last appt.  Appointment slots are divided up in 15 minute increments, do not let this confuse you.  Once you select a treatment time, the system will adapt to the amount of time we need and will eliminate appointment times as necessary.  Make sure you complete your appt scheduling by confirming, and receiving a confirmation from the system.  Keep your confirmation as it contains a link for you to use should you need to cancel or change your appointment.  Once your appointment is confirmed, we will recieve an email and a text of your appointment.